Mustin Lake Outing Association, Inc.: General Information & Regulations


The purpose of this document is to familiarize shareholders and guests with the facilities, services, and the rules associated with the Mustin Lake Outing Association. The Board encourages all Association members, associate members and guests to use and enjoy the facilities at Mustin Lake while following the regulations and By-laws of Mustin Lake Outing Association. The Mustin Lake Board of Directors may amend the rules and regulations without notice.

Location and Size:

USGS Map Name: Camden, AR
Map MRC: 33092E7
Latitude/Longitude: N33.57211° W92.75393°
Datum: NAD27

Size: The approximate total acreage is 437 acres.

Gate Access: Access is through a four digit code, remote transmitter or by the use of the gate phone and contact a member through the directory. Remote transmitters are available through MLOA at $40.00 per transmitter.

Utility Services:
Electricity: Electricity is provided by Ouachita Electric Cooperative located in Camden.
Water: Water is provided by the Association for an annual fee and is included with the annual dues payment. Trash pick-up is provided by Ouachita County weekly and all trash must be in plastic bags and placed in the trash collection point located across from the pavilion.
Telephone: Telephone land line service is provided by AT&T.
Television Television service is provided by Dish Network or Direct TV.

Schools: Children residing in Mustin Lake attend school at the Harmony Grove School District. The The Camden Fairview School District could also be an option based on minority student ratios.

Mailboxes: Mailboxes are available at the entrance to Mustin Lake. Contact the caretaker for a key and box assignment.

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Mustin Lake Map

Topography and Climate:


Avg. High:

Avg. Low:

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Mustin Lake Topology Map
The land base of Mustin Lake has an average elevation of 100 feet above sea level. The lake is a fed by tributaries of the Ouachita River.


General Upkeep and Inspection of Properties
The MLOA Board of Directors can enforce the upkeep of unmaintained properties. Members will be notified in writing of any issue with their cottage; member maintained dock or other general upkeep issues such as yard maintenance.

Annual Dues
Annual dues are mailed following the annual meeting in March. In accordance with Article IX – Membership and Dues of the Bylaws, the dues of all members shall be the sum of $300.00 payable annually on May 1 each year. In addition thereto, each member, who owns a house located on corporate property, shall be assessed an annual fee in the amount of $60.00 for water, if they are permanent resident at Mustin Lake, otherwise $30.00, $40.00 for fire protection, and $1.00 for lease of the property on which their house is located. Additionally, if payment is not received by July 15, a $50.00 per month late fee will be added monthly.

Architectural Control
Board approval is required for the construction of any building, fence, wall or other structure erected on the grounds of leased property within MLOA. Additionally, board approval is required for residential irrigation systems, L.P. gas tanks, home building alterations, boat docks, decks and any other structure that is to be built on the member’s leased property. In accordance with Exhibit “A” of the By-Laws, all lots shall be 150 feet in width and the cottages shall not exceed 50 feet in width, including carports, porches and steps, and said cottage shall be located at least 100 feet from adjoining cottages and no less than 60 feet from the shoreline at normal water level. If a house should be replaced or remodeled, it must not exceed its previous width. No fence shall be placed between cottages.

Non-Members Occupying Member Homes
In accordance with a resolution passed in 1997 as an amendment to Article IX of the Bylaws- "Non-members shall not occupy houses for a period of time exceeding (7) consecutive days and nights or for any twelve (12) days and nights, whether consecutive or not, during any thirty (30) day period of time without the express prior approval of the Board. This rule shall apply even though the member checks on his guests every twenty-four (24) hours as required elsewhere in these By-laws."

Removing Trees
Tree cutting is not allowed unless approval has been granted by the Board of Directors. Trees must be marked and photographed then presented, emailed or mailed to a board member with a detailed description of the work to be performed.

Common Property
The common property of Mustin Lake Outing Association is available for the use and enjoyment of all members of the Association. It is the intent of common property policy to regulate construction and encroachments within MLOA.

Traffic Control
The speed limit is 15 mph as posted. Motor vehicle operators are required to observe speed limits and warning signs posted. Off-Road Vehicles must also abide by the posted speed limit.

Hunting Regulations
All rules and regulations of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are to be practiced by members, associate members and guests of MLOA.
  • Privileges for deer and turkey hunting are only extended to members and associate members. Because of space restrictions no guests will be allowed for these two types of hunting.
  • Hunting is permitted only outside the fence surrounding the lake and houses.
  • Hunting in the garden area is prohibited or any area 200 yards surrounding the garden.
  • Extreme caution should be exercised at all times when hunting on MLOA property. Courtesy to others is expected.
  • No permanent deer stands are to be built. Existing permanent deer stands may remain (grandfathered). All lean-up and portable deer stands must be removed after deer season; any feeders accompanying these stands should also be removed. No more than two stands per member are allowed. All stands must be identified by the member’s name. No deer stands, portable or permanent, are to be near property lines enabling that hunter to hunt across into neighboring owner’s land with that owner’s permission.
  • When hunting, there should be no trespassing onto neighboring land without permission. All hunters should be knowledgeable of MLOA boundaries.

Fishing Regulations
All rules and regulations of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are to be practiced by MLOA members, associate members and guests. Exceptions to these rules may be made by the board if it is beneficial to the fish management program of our lake.
  • Non-members are not allowed to fish unless they are guests of a member or an associate member, and must be accompanied by that member or associate member.
  • Fishing in the swimming area is not allowed.
  • Always abide by the boating rule that this is a "NO WAKE LAKE".
  • Yo-yos are used for fishing, per Arkansas Game and Fish Commission regulations. These devices should not be left unattended (out of sight or hearing) at any time. Yo-yos should be marked with the name of the owner as outlined by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Any unattended yo-yos will be removed.
  • No trotlines may be used in the lake unless they are removed immediately after use.
  • The use of nets may be used by the direction of the board.

Mustin Lake is a "No-Wake Lake" – idle speed only. All guest must have a member on the premises to be able to operate a boat on the premises. No jet skis are allowed on the lake.

Fire Regulation
Open burning is allowed, however, members must contact the County to make certain a "burn ban" is not in affect. Contact the caretaker if you plan on a controlled burning. Fire protection dues are part of the annual billing by MLOA.

Special Assessments
The Board of Directors has the authority to levy a special assessment, as approved by 2/3 vote of the members present at an annual membership meeting or special meeting of the membership for the purpose of voting on such assessment.

Pets shall be under the control of the owner at all times so as not to be a nuisance or hazard to others. Issues with any vicious animal will fall under Ouachita County, Arkansas Ordinance No. 087-44, which defines what constitutes a "vicious dog" and the precautions which must be taken by an owner of such an animal, along with the potential consequences for violations.

Fireworks Regulations
Due to the wooded environment of MLOA, rocket aerial displays and the use of fireworks on the common property and primary roads is prohibited except on or around July 4 and New Year’s Eve. No disturbing noises shall be made after 1:00 a.m..

All members and associate members are urged to exercise caution when swimming in the lake since there is no lifeguard on duty and members must swim at their own risk.
  • Children will be required to be supervised by an adult at all times. Adults are responsible for their children and their children’s conduct.
  • Non-Members may use the swimming areas only with permission of a member or associate member who is on the premises of the swimming area.
  • No pets are allowed on the designated beach area except handicapped assisted.

Selling Your Property
Homeowners must inform a member of the board of directors if they are planning on selling their residence. The home will be listed on the MUSTINLAKE.COM web site. The use of realtors is allowed as long as any listing agent is informed that potential buyers must be approved by the MLOA Board of Directors. The stock certificate must be sold when a residence changes hands. A $500.00 stock transfer fee must be paid to the MLOA for the stock transfer to take place (unless by inheritance and no monies change hands). In accordance with MLOA Bylaws Article VI, Sec. 3 – Transfers of Certificates can be made only to residents of Ouachita County, except Certificates transferred by inheritance regardless of place of residence.

The pavilion is available for use by the members at no charge. Families have used the pavilion for weddings, Sunday School parties to family reunions. You can email a member of the board of directors to check the availability. Reservations are first come- first served. The caretaker will make certain the pavilion is ready for the occasion. Members are required to make certain the pavilion is cleaned up when the event is over.

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