Mustin Lake Outing Association: Committees


Administrative Committee
Chairperson: Mike Murphree
Representatives: Mike Cox & Mike Murphree
Other Representatives: Christy Carr, Bob Weidmann, Chuck Pope & Mike Cox
Duties: Update by-laws, general mailings/notifications, maintain and enhance Facebook site, and pursue possible web site & name.

Beautification Committee
Chairperson: Matt Gibbs
Representatives: John Garcia & Levis Alexander
Other Representatives: Earl Crumpler, Jeff Carr, Max Fulks, Eric Wheatley & Leah Pope
Duties: General upkeep of area- including swimming area & caretaker home. Note: Max Fulks would be willing to help with swimming area maintenance and upkeep.
Additional: Would like to see improvement of the entrance area gate/signage.

Finance/Budget Committee
Chairperson: Larry Cave
Representatives: John Garcia
Other Representatives: Pam Fulks, Judi Castleberry
Duties: Annual budget, recommendations to the board on money management

Hunting & Fishing Committee
Chairperson: Earl Crumpler
Representatives: Bill Dedman, Donnie Castleberry, John Garcia & Don Banks
Other Representatives: Cecil Hooks, Tom Crowder, Matt Gibbs
Duties: Set-up guidelines or some structure for hunters and fishing. GPS to all hunting stands on premises by name.

Long Range Planning Committee
Chairperson: Mike Cox
Representatives: Tim Jordan, Mike Murphree & John Garcia
Other Representatives: Max Fulks, Tom Crowder & Earl Crumpler
Duties: Set-up long range plan- prioritize based on 2009 survey/funds.